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Create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite: If you also play PUBG MOBILE LITE game a lot and you want to appear Pro players in this game, then you must create your own clan because if you are a good player, then many players will come in your clan. If you want, then I will tell you that PUBG MOBILE LITE Me Clan Kaise Bnaye, just read this article carefully, you will get complete information.

I have created my own Clan, out of which there are many players and all the players are Pro, so that I have played many matches and when I have my own Clan, it feels very right and very good feeling comes from inside and the best thing It happens that friends get a little emotional due to which they get some respect, respect and feel very good about themselves, that’s why I suggest the same to you.

That you also make your own clan because PUBG MOBILE LITE is very popular in today’s time and many players like to play this game. Friends, if you are interested in the game, then you should create a clan, so I thought why not inform you about it so that you can make it, then you know about it, just read this article carefully.

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What is Clan in PUBG MOBILE LITE? – Create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite

Friends, now let’s talk about what is Clan in PUBG MOBILE LITE, then look, Clan is like a group, inside which players are kept, it gives you a lot of benefits, if you create a Clan, keep many of your players. You can and you have a group of pubg mobile lite players, so that you can do your tournament training very well.

You can keep whatever players you want inside the clan, in this you have many advantages, as you get many Pro players, which gives you a lot of benefits, you can send messages to the clan, so that everyone has The message goes and you can also manage the players.

  • Can send messages to players simultaneously
  • Players can also be managed
  • can add players
  • Can also prepare with the team

PUBG MOBILE LITE Me Clan Kaise Bnaye Complete information

Friends, now let’s talk about how to make a clan in PUBG Mobile Lite, before this I have given you information about what is a clan, although I have given complete information that Clan can prove to be very helpful for you if you are a good If you are a player, you get many types of prizes in this as well as many types of rewards, that is why you should create a clan or be in someone’s clan.

You must try that you are not in someone’s clan, you create your own clan, it gives you benefit, first of all, you get a lot of respect among friends and you feel good, that’s why I suggest you that Whatever step is told to you, follow it properly so that you do not have any problem in creating a clan.

Create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite

#1. Open PUBG Lite and Click Clan

First of all, you have to open your account in pubg mobile lite game, as soon as you open it, after that you will see the option of a clan below, then you have to click on it.

#2. Click on Create Clan

Friends, as soon as you click on the clan, a new page will open in front of you, then you have to enter the name of the clan and then write down the Clan Moto, that is, write the description that you want to write, then you can write it.

If you want to change the logo of the clan, then you can change it by clicking on the same logo, after that you can also set the colors, then you can do all this.

#3. Finally Click Create Clan

Friends, as soon as you have done so much, after that you have to click on finally create clan, after that you have to give 50000 BP to create, then you give this much BP and click on OK.

#4. Invite Your Friends

Friends, as soon as your clan is created, after that you have to invite your friends, for this you have to click on the recruit button, after that the list of your friends will come, after that invite you by clicking on the invite button.

#5. Click on Clan Management

After this, as soon as you invite, after that you have to click on clan management and keep accept approval yes or no, after that set the level of players you want to keep inside your clan.

#6. Click on OK Button

After this, you can also set the Tier Requirement, after doing so much, you will get an OK button below, then click on it and confirm it.

#7. You are Done!

So friends, as soon as you do this much, your work is done, that is, your clan is created, after that you have to add players according to your own, inside it you can add 30 players and as soon as the level of the clan increases It happens that you get some rewards. In this, you also get clan rename rewards and many more rewards.


Friends, I have told you everything that how you can create a clan, but I will tell you in the last words that if you know how to play even a little bit more, then you can create your own clan, it will give you a lot of benefit, friends. By doing this, you get many benefits, that is why you must make a clan.

I hope you have liked this article that how to create clan in pubg mobile lite, if you liked it, then definitely share it with your friends so that everyone can get this information very well, I have given you very detailed information. Is.

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